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Looking for course of Portuguese as foreign language ?

Then you are at right place!
Most of our students come recommended by former students. If you want to have a more precise idea of our language courses, take a look our courses below.
Some aspects that our students appreciate in particular and those who recommend our courses are:
  • our methode: communicative, flexible and very effective.
  • Highly qualified teachers with a college degree.
  • Our way of working: customized, compliant and effective.
  • A school is of excellent quality.
  • Individual classes.
  • A school that fits the student's needs.
  • Our prices are quite affordable. Easy access, the school is located near Av. Cristovão Colombo. 
  • It also has a differential: we offer our students a small library with textbooks, magazines, CDs,
      CD-Roms, DVDs, in many foreign languages.

Our school

Eurolinguas, founded in February 1998. 
In our  almost 21 years of existence, we have had hundreds of satisfied students to our school.The main brands of our teaching method is based on professionalism and qualifications of our, highly qualified and experienced teachers, and a very personalized care. Our teatchers are graduated and post-graduated: master. Furthermore the school is very flexible, and adequate itsself to the necessities of the student.

Our courses:

 In our private classes course, you will learn Portuguese in a communicative way, in everyday situations,  all skills will be devoloped in the classes.
Choose your course:
Private 1 (open)
Student build his / her own package according with his / her wish.
Our sugestion:Minimum 4 hours ( 180 minuts) per week. 
Private 2
10 classes hours per week ( à 45 minutes)
Consists of 2 hours / class ( 90 minutes) per day of private instruction.  Portuguese classes allow you to learn  faster than in a group and consideres your goals. 
Private 4 Course
20 class hours per week
The Private 4 Course consists of four hours per day of private instruction. A highly effective and efficient way to learn Portuguese. In this course you will be able to be speaking portuguese in a short time. 
Private 6
30 class hours per week
The Private 6 Course offers all the benefits of Private 4, but with six hours per day of private classes, you’ll learn Portuguese even faster! In a reealy short time.This course is ideal for whom will stay for a short time in Brazil. 
40 class hours per week
Consisting of eight hours per day of private lessons, including lunch with your teacher, Immersion is the most intensive and effective course we offer. Our most popular program with executives and professionals, the Immersion Course allows students to learn a lot in a short period of time. Supercharge your language training with our Immersion Course, learning a year’s worth of Portuguese in just weeks. 
registration R$ 80,00
price for each hour: R$ 100,00
Material used:
Contact us, we’ll be glad to hear you!
Our Teacher
Teacher Alexandre Hamann is graduated in Arts Portuguese / German course with Full Degree (Licenciatura Plena) from the Universidade do Vale do Rio dos Sinos / UNISINOS. He started working in this activity well before graduating and he has over 20 years experience as teacher of Portuguese for for foreigns, German and English.
In 1998 he started a independent work and created the language school Eurolinguas. In the months January and February 2004, he received a scholarship to  Düsseldorf / Germany,  where he made a refresher course in German Language. Teacher Alexandre has already had hundreds of studens in the languages, he teached.

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